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Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell therapies are of the latest and newest frontiers in medicine. Although Stem Cells have been utilized for about 40 years in treating cardiovascular diseases and been studied in enhancing conditions like Alzheimer, they became popular in realm of orthopedic and spine medicine in the past 10 years. Stem Cell therapies, if performed by an experienced specialist, are of high significance and potential to heal injuries and improve pain, function, and quality of life.

At CELLAXYS we are committed to offer you the optimal procedure that suites your physical conditions. To do so, our board-certified physicians design the process based on your needs, including your injury type and level, affected area of pain, your age and activity level, etc.

Stem cells have the ability to replicate up to 20 times before differentiating into the tissue they are repairing. Their replication rate, repairing factors, and effectiveness are dependent on the nature of the stem cells.

There are three different types of Stem Cells used by our physicians:

  • Autologous Stem Cells Extracted from Adipose Tissue (Fat)

These stem cells are extracted from your own body fat. They have the ability to replicate up to 8 times before transitioning into the tissue they’re repairing, such as cartilage, tendon, etc. Adipose (fat) stem cells are extracted from your body areas with higher fat concentration through lipo suction. This fat will then be processed during the same session in our state-of-the-art laboratory. Stem cells extracted from fat tissue could be processed and injected into multiple injury areas during the same session.

  • Autologous Stem Cells Extracted from Bone Marrow

Stem cells could also be harvested from bone marrow concentration. Stem cells extracted from bone marrow have the ability to replicate up to 5 times before differentiating into the tissue they’re repairing. During this procedure, your bone marrow is extracted, processed into stem cells, and injected into the injury area in one session.

  • Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells

Stem cells processed from umbilical cord have the highest replication rate before becoming the targeted tissue. This type of stem cell is provided by our trusted third-party laboratory and has to be planned for prior to your treatment session.

After your consultation session, your physicians determine which type of stem cell yield to the most ideal outcome for you. Each one of the different stem cell types have different cell count and replication rate. We tailor your treatment and process your stem cells specifically to match your injury.

At CELLAXYS, our Stem Cell therapies are combination of one of the stem cell types and Platelet Rich Plasma extracted from your blood. PRP, when precisely combined with stem cells, acts as activator and increases the effectiveness of stem cell therapy significantly.

Moreover, as a part of your treatment package, you will receive an additional PRP injection within 3 months after your procedure. This will reactivate the stem cells and ensures the highest quality results.

The CELLAXYS team concentrates on you so you can concentrate on healing.

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