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Patient Stories

Stem Cell Therapy for Lower back, Hip, and both knees

“I am pain-free. I could resume activities that I wasn’t
able to do for a while and I never dreamed I could get to that level
again.” Julie Ingleston

Knee Stem Cell Procedure

“Running 40 miles on my 40th birthday after destroying my knee is a huge blessing for me.” -Brian Plaster

Joey Avoided Hip and Shoulder Replacement Surgeries

“I’m almost back to a 100% range of motion in my hip and shoulder, and I’m almost a 100% pain-free. I’m living the high quality of life that I’d love to lead, and it’s all thanks for CELLAXYS and Dr. Otten.” -Joey Varner

Bob’s Knee, Hip, and Shoulder Stem Procedure

“My injections were done about 3 years ago and I found no reversal of the improvement, the pain continues to be gone.” -Bob Kendzior

Shoulder PRP Therapy | Former UFC Competitor

“Dr. Otten extended my career for about 4-5 year.” -Evan Dunham