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6 Things That You Did Not Know About Stem Cells

By Last updated on April 5th, 2020April 5th, 2020No Comments
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cells are the specific stem cell important in regenerating human tissue in orthopedics and spine medicine
  • Stem Cells have been used in medicine for over 40 years in clinical practice
  • Stem Cells are disease modifying, which is the antithesis of most treatments in modern medicine
  • Stem Cells are viable and heal tissue for up to 12 months in clinical studies
  • Your body stores stem cells in both the fat and bone marrow
  • Stem Cells have the ability of Self Renewal, or replicating themselves

“Stem cells are clonogenic cells that have two remarkable features, the ability to differentiate into multiple mature cell types (multipotency) and to simultaneously replenish the stem cell pool (self-renewal), that allow them to sustain tissue development and maintenance1 (Box 1). The surge of stem cell research arose when it became clear that all blood cell components were derived from a rare subset of bone marrow (BM)-residing haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), which can be isolated and assayed in vitro and in vivo. Currently, HSCs are the paradigmatic and best-characterized example of tissue-specific stem cells.” Reference: US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health FULL ARTICLE

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