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Stem Cell Hair Restoration

Stem cell therapy has shown to be one of the most effective treats in stimulating hair regrowth. Stem cell therapy for hair loss involves injecting a mixture of stem cells and PRP into the dermal layer of the scalp, where hair follicles originate. Whether the stem cells are derived from your adipose tissue or provided by one of our FDA compliant third-parties is determined on a case by case basis.

Stem cells give the body the natural building blocks for replicating dead or restoring unhealthy cell structures. While PRP alone can increase the follicle count on a scalp, stem cells not only promote the growth of these new cells, they also give the body an ample amount of material to construct these new cells.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the precursor cells in the body that have the ability to differentiate or change into all other types of cells that make up our tissues. By injecting stem cells into specific treatment areas, new cell structures can begin to develop to restore the natural 3-dimensional balance of the scalp. The stem cells attach to old cell structures and mimic their chemistry. They also promote volume restoration of aged tissues. Specifically, scalp stem cell injections help to ease away anchor points in the skin and restore the hair follicles.


Another added benefit of stem cell therapy for hair loss is that the effects continue throughout the year after the initial procedure. While results typically can take 3-6 months to show, these results increase as time goes on. As stem cells form new cell structures, these reinvigorated structures begin to affect the cells around them. As more cells adopt the new, healthy structure, results become more and more apparent.

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How Does It Work?

Step 1
Your blood is drawn
One of our nurses administers a line to draw 50 cc of your blood.

Step 2
PRP is extracted from your blood
Your blood will be processed in our laboratory to separate the different components of it and extract the Platelet Rich Plasma.

Step 3
A mixture of stem cells and PRP is made
The PRP extracted from your blood will be mixed with stem cells using a recipe that’s tailored to your specific needs and skin condition.

Step 4
A nerve block is applied to numb your scalp area
To help with any pain and discomfort and make the procedure easier for you, a nerve block is injected into your forehead and scalp areas.

Step 5
The stem cell and PRP mixture is injected to the deep areas of the scalp
Using a tiny needle and through small injections, the mixture of stem cells and PRP is applied into the reticular dermis layer of your scalp, with a focus on the areas that have the most amount of hair loss.

Step 6
The top layer of your scalp is then thoroughly micro-needled while applying the mixture
Your scalp will then be micro-needled. This removes the top dead layer of your skin. The stem cell and PRP mixture is applied to your skin during this process.

Step 7
A layer of PRP is then generously applied all over your scalp
After the microneedling process, your skin has the most amount of absorption. Therefore this is the best time to apply more PRP to the top layer of scalp.

What to Expect

During the next few weeks after the Vivaxys Stem Cell Hair Restoration procedure, a new and fresh top layer of skin is generated. However, healing and regeneration continue way beyond this point. The nature of stem cells is to continue to replicate and regenerate until 12-18 months after implantation in your body. Therefore, the results of this procedure continue to improve up until 18 months after the treatment, leaving the patient with a long-lasting excellent outcome.

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