Labral Tear Shoulder Treatment

A non-invasive, naturally regenerative labral tear shoulder treatment without surgery.

Do you need treatment for your Labral Tear Shoulder?

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Do you need treatment for your Labral Tear Shoulder?

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What Causes Labral Tear Shoulder?

Injuries affecting the mobility of your joints are typically in the tendons or ligaments, but a shoulder labral tear is distinctively in the cartilage of your shoulder joint. At the same time, a labral tear is similar to forms of tendonitis in that tearing it can cause major discomfort and difficulty with basic movements. It is also very common for labral tears to increase the risk of shoulder dislocation.


One of the most well-known symptoms of a labral shoulder tear is the shoulder becoming dislocated. When the cartilage in the shoulder is damaged, it naturally weakens and cannot hold the shoulder joint together. A number of patients with labral tears have also reported trouble sleeping because the tear is so uncomfortable, especially for side sleepers. The shoulder pain can also worsen over time, but some cases leave more of a throbbing ache than a sharp pain.

Get a non-invasive treatment

Most solutions to a shoulder labral tear (that do not involve surgery) almost always involve temporary pain relief through prescription medications. Patients are typically booked for 6-8 weeks of physical therapy following their medication, but if that is not an option, they are prescribed a cortisone injection by their doctor.

Surgery of the shoulder labrum is more of a last-resort option, as it is a major operation with major potential complications. For the expense, recovery time and risk of complications, your best option for a more severe labral tear is a noninvasive treatment with a swift, permanent solution. That is exactly the solution you will find at Cellaxys.

Stem Cell Therapy Explained

As is the case with a number of injuries, stem cell injections are one of the most universally praised treatments for a labral tear. Not every tear is able to heal on its own, and not every tear can be surgically repaired, so a procedure that repairs the meniscus naturally is your best option. With nearly 30 years of using the procedure to treat professional athletes, injections of the body’s natural stem cells have proven to be the most accurate, effective and non-invasive solution for torn or damaged meniscus tissue through the process of stem cell therapy.

How Does It Work?

  1. Stem Cell Extraction
  2. Concentration and Activation
  3. Stem Cells Transplanted to Problem Area
  4. The Cells Reduce Pain

PRP Therapy Explained

PRP injections use each individual patient’s own healing system to improve musculoskeletal problems. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy uses injections of a concentration of a patient’s own platelets to accelerate the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. In this way, PRP injections use each individual patient’s own healing system to improve musculoskeletal problems. These injections are an in-office procedure, and the entire procedure from start to finish takes about 30 minutes.

How Does It Work?

  1. Take a Blood Sample
  2. Separate Blood into Various Components
  3. Removes Platelets and Stem Cells
  4. Platelets Injected into Injured Area

Doctor Examination + Tests

Any time you experience an acute injury or worse, your doctor will immediately test the impact area for swelling, inflammation, internal bleeding (if necessary), but most importantly, mobility. But with something as specific as a labral shoulder tear, the one way to truly identify it as such would be an MRI scan. Since shoulder pain is far from exclusive to one condition, an MRI may be necessary to confirm a labral tear.

A more simplified test, and one that specifically identifies labral tears, is the O’Brien Test, which is fully extending the elbow while the arm is at 90-degrees, and determining the level of pain through steady rotations: Such movements causing pain would dictate a positive result for labral tears.

Preparing for your appointment

Alleviating your shoulder pain and regaining your mobility is done very simply and effectively by these procedures. But before your appointment, you want to drink plenty of water to help your body be hydrated and healthy, stay off of pain relievers and blood transfusions to make the procedure as seamless as possible. In the last 30 minutes before your appointment, you may be asked to take a light sedative that is completely safe and will ease you through the procedure.



You are expected to make a full recovery from your stem cell or PRP treatment in just a couple of months, but you may see your pain relieved within the first week. Afterwards, continue your recommended exercises so that you are not over-exerting while in recovery, and continue to rest and hydrate as you steadily return to your normal lifestyle.

Patient Success Stories

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Debra ReeseDebra Reese
17:39 31 May 23
Great experience! Dr. Bady took good care of my knee and explained everything and answered all my questions. The front office follows through and is very attentive. I definitely will return as needed and highly recommend Cellaxys.
Peter KatiemPeter Katiem
18:17 24 May 23
I love, love, LOVE the staff and their compassion and the doctors and the treatments but more than that, I LOVE the pain relief. I'm so glad I found this office. I'm so overjoyed that I and finally feeling back to normal. I highly, truly and totally, recommend this facility and its staff. I can't say enough about how great I feel after I leave their office! Thank you CELLAXYS, Thank You so much!!!!! I'll be back for more PRP and I'll have my mom come in when she's done with her surgery in L.A.
Monique HarrisMonique Harris
19:40 19 Apr 23
I love the alternative medical treatment, the team was knowledgeable, kind and expressed true concern.
Ellen Francine FieldsEllen Francine Fields
22:18 08 Apr 22
Caring and kind. Surgery was over quickly and I am recovering nicely. Too soon to tell how much improvement I will get, but improvement was noticed quickly.
Linda LLinda L
02:52 25 Mar 22
Love this office! They did a great job on my husband’s back. The staff and doctors is always professional and caring!
Eric JohnsonEric Johnson
18:24 06 Jan 22
Had five knee operations. Surgeons just kept cutting torn meniscus, grinding arthritis. Knee hurt all the time, misery. Saw ad about Stem Cell from Cellaxys. Took my MRIs into Dr. Otten. I’m 65 and been active all my life. My knee was making it unable to do anything. Dr. Otten said I was a perfect candidate for stem cell. I was skeptical, but knee replacement only thing left. Had Stem Cell procedure done at end of October 2021. Had major swelling which isn’t always normal. Gradually my knee started feeling better and better. Range of motion improved. Today is Jan 6, 2022. Just walked 3.5 miles. Pain FREE! Have a booster PRP shot coming up which is included in the price. Dr. Otten returned several calls when I was having swelling, unheard of from other Doctors. Stem Cell isn’t covered by insurance, but, it’s absolutely amazing. A big Thumbs up to Dr. Otten and Staff. Best money I’ve ever spent.
Paol moradiPaol moradi
16:59 20 Nov 21
Dr. Mohajer & Dr. Otten with their Crews are the Best.
Alana GavinAlana Gavin
17:29 19 Nov 21
I was greeted warmly the moment I entered. Doctor Otten is charming and very thorough in explaining the procedure. Carlos explained the finances involved very carefully and is most courteous, professional and patient. I have confidence in CELLAXYS and this will be the first time in my life I eagerly await having a medical procedure done!
Scott RSScott RS
10:41 17 Oct 21
Dr. Otten is the best!! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. My wife had several procedures done on her knees and back from a traumatic fall and with the help from Dr. Otten and Biologics…she has benefitted greatly from the treatments. Because of her recovery and the incredible care Dr. Otten gave her…after I tore my Achilles Tendon I knew Dr. Otten was the phone call I needed to make. Although I live in Florida now, it was worth the travel back to Las Vegas for treatment with Dr. Otten at Cellaxys. The care is unparalleled. I am still in the recovery process but can attest to the confidence that the biologic therapy is helping with my healing. Dr. Otten is the most caring, thoughtful and empathic doctor that has you and your recovery as a priority. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
Stephen ArnoldStephen Arnold
14:55 14 Aug 21
Dr. Mohajer answered all my questions and concerns. No sales pitch or unrealistic promises. Just the facts when it comes to the treatment, science, and what to expect! He is a caring man that wants to help people get rid of their pain.Steve
charles rogerscharles rogers
19:39 06 Aug 21
Very honest and informative. A great help for me.
Jayne CutlerJayne Cutler
15:41 17 Jul 21
The entire staff from the second I walked in, was warm and friendly and caring. No waiting, imagine that! I was escorted into a room where the doctor had already been reviewing my x-rays and had them up to share with me. No secrets here. The doctor himself sat down with me immediately and listened to my history and my pain and then discussed my X-rays and showed me how he could help. He explained the three types of stem cell Therapies and let me choose what I wanted and then he explained to me the process from the moment I would walk in until the moment I would leave Plus he was very candid on my recovery time and what I could and could not do. I will have a two-week follow-up and then a booster in 3 months. I feel like everyone there is my friend.
Jeanine GibsonJeanine Gibson
03:32 25 Apr 21
Grateful to have found the team at Cellaxys. Office runs very efficiently and the Dr is fantastic. Highly recommended!
Timothy WilliamsTimothy Williams
15:51 21 Apr 21
The doctor was very professional, knowledgeable and took the time to explain all the different options available to me. I like that he took the TIME to know exactly what was going on with my knees. He didn't rush through the appointment, which was refreshing considering that's how it is with a lot of doctor appointments these. days.Every step of the way he explained what was going on. I've had zero issues all the way through to the end. And now a year or more after I'm still doing well. It was well worth the money. The entire team is professional.
Joey VarnerJoey Varner
15:51 21 Apr 21
CELLAXYS is incredible! I’ve been suffering with extreme pain for a long time and was starting to feel helpless. Then I found CELLAXYS. The treatment was extremely effective and got me pain free with 110% mobility. The staff was amazing! They were kind, courteous and helpful! Dr Matt Otten is AMAZING! He was gentle, thorough and extremely compassionate! He was honest and made me feel at ease the entire time. Going to CELLAXYS was the best decision I ever made!!!
lori mglori mg
18:27 15 Mar 21
I felt very safe and well cared for. This was not an easy procedure and I am doing far better and quicker than anyone thought I would!! Thank you for the wonderful care!!!

Meet the CELLAXYS Medical Staff

Dr. Pouya Mohajer

  • Director of Regenerative Interventional Spine Medicine
  • Board certification in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Medicine
  • Fellowship-trained from Harvard University
  • UCLA Alumni

Dr. Pejman Bady

  • Medical Director
  • Head of Emergency Medical Services
  • Medical degree from Western University of Health Sciences
  • USC Marshall School of Business

Do you need treatment for your Labral Tear Shoulder?

Schedule Your FREE Consultation to see if you qualify

Do you need treatment for your Labral Tear Shoulder?

Schedule Your FREE Consultation to see if you qualify