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Treating Arthritis That Currently Affects 54 Million Americans Every Year

We’re more fragile than we believe. The human body is composed of several intricately woven tissues which must interact together so precisely that there is little room for error. The most subtle misstep or impact can set the foundation for disaster within the soft tissues in our bodies.

One of the most common of these issues is so prolific that it affects nearly 54 million Americans nationwide. That’s over a tenth of the population! That’s right, arthritis impacts over 1 in 10 Americans – and that’s a conservative estimate.

Soft tissues are an invaluable commodity within the body. They help cushion the daily impact of our everyday movements and help give us the fluidity and dexterity we use in so, so many ways. If we sustain any kind of injury to these soft tissues, arthritis is almost inevitable. 

This term, arthritis, is used to describe a family of over one hundred and fifty different varieties of inflammatory and degenerative diseases which focus on soft tissue breakdown within the joints of the body. 

Although each variety is distinct in the way it impacts the body, they all share a host of symptoms which negatively affect the body’s internal structures. These can range from subtle pain and loss of dexterity, to crippling discomfort and complete loss of motor function in the affected area.

We underestimate the tolls these degenerative illnesses can take. Arthritis pain can disable us, can take us away from enjoying moments we were supposed to cherish. 

While conventional treatment options which can help curb a patient’s discomfort exist, most have no impact on the health of the broken-down tissue. Medication can help us ignore pain, but it won’t repair what’s been lost. Physical therapy may help a person move more freely or calm a flare-up, but eventually run their course as the degeneration reaches a crescendo. 

So, what’s left for a patient looking for non-invasive treatments to their arthritic pain? The answer may lie in regenerative therapies.

By using tissues the body naturally produces to repair itself, regenerative therapies offer a solution to the underlying factors in arthritic pain.

Residents in Las Vegas have been able to safely and naturally treat arthritic pain thanks to CELLAXYS and the life-changing Stem Cell Therapy and PRP treatments that they offer. Unlike Arthritic meds and other alternatives, Stem Cell Therapy and PRP treatments are quick, effective, safe, and have little to no recovery downtime. 

With over 30,000 procedures performed and 60 years of combined experience, CELLAXYS is considered a top rated clinic in Las Vegas offering regenerative medicine for arthritis. If you or a loved one is suffering from acute or chronic arthritic pain and are looking for a safer & better option, CELLAXYS is here for you. 

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